Santa Barbara sober living

Article provided by: Good Heart Recovery
Santa Barbara sober living

At Good Heart Recovery, our Santa Barbara sober living homes serve as the perfect transition houses towards a sober and healthy lifestyle. The detox treatment alone cannot protect you from long-term relapse, which is why we have created our sober living houses. The goal is to provide a potent social reintegration strategy, allowing you to become a healthy and active member of the community once more.

The best sober living homes

Your recovery journey in Santa Barbara begins in a rehab facility, and it necessarily goes through a sober living house as part of the reintegration process. Our facilities function based on the highest quality standards in the business, offering comfort, relaxation, support, and a home-like environment to heal and recover.

The benefits you should expect from completing the sober living program include:

  • Learning essential life skills
  • 24/7 sober community support
  • Improved spirits and mood
  • Promoting confidence, positivity, and commitment
  • Learning new life goals
  • Growing more sociable and involved
  • Adopting a more balanced and healthier lifestyle, physically, mentally, and spiritually, etc.

The sober living program works as an extension of the rehab treatment, promoting long-term recovery and stability. In our sober living homes in Santa Barbara, you will learn how to overcome your harmful cravings, control your impulsive behavior, and adopt a more balanced lifestyle over the years.

Our top sober living options

We provide sober living housing in Santa Barbara, CA, to both men and women in separate facilities since they have different biological, physical, and even psychological and emotional needs. Some of these include:

For men:

  • New House – New House offers luxurious sober living homes for men in Santa Barbara. They have a $31 client fee per day and offer internet, cable TV, 2-man rooms, employment resources, and more.

  • All Star Recovery – This is transitional housing in Santa Barbara, offering all the amenities and comfort necessary for fast recovery. These include 24-hour on-site management, internet access, an astounding backyard garden, comfortable, clean rooms, etc.

  • Stalwart – The Stalwart halfway houses in Santa Barbara are ideal for both men and women seeking support towards sober living. They offer in-house recovery meetings, a relaxing and comfortable living environment, a friendly and compassionate attitude, and much more.

For women:

  • Back to Basics – This sober living home promotes nature and animal companionship for a sense of belonging and rejuvenation. They help recovering addicts on their path towards healthy living in a home-like, relaxing environment located in the heart of nature.

  • The Giving Tree – The Giving Tree is sober living home with a rich history behind it. This sober living facility has been serving the local community for over 17 years, and it’s still going strong to this day.

If you need assistance with your addiction, contact Good Heart Recovery at 805-919-8918 today! You can check your insurance, speak to our counselor about your Santa Barbara sober living options, and come in for a clinical assessment asap. Your journey of recovery begins today; embrace it, and your life will never be the same again!

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