Rehab New Jersey

Rehab New Jersey

CTRLCare behavioral health is a premier and highly reputed behavioral health facility with experienced staff and technology-powered treatment programs. As the best rehab in New Jersey, we offer the best dual diagnosis treatment using innovative and advanced therapies. To choose the best rehab facility for addiction treatment look for:

  • Innovative Therapies

A science-based treatment approach goes a long way in helping you get clean and equipping you with the means to preserve your sobriety in the long term. Science-based therapies like EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy, etc., address and treat your addiction's causes, help you adapt and develop critical coping skills, and prepare you for long-term sobriety. Make sure you join the best drug and alcohol rehab that offers science-based treatments and therapies.

  • Experienced Clinicians

The success of your recovery efforts largely depends on the efficiency of the medical staff at the rehab facility. Look for drug treatment centers that have the best clinical team on board. Check the experience, training level, and other credentials of the physicians, RNs, therapists, and social workers at a rehab center before joining them. The better the staff, the lower your risk for relapse.

  • Focus On Mental Health Problems

Most addiction disorders arise from underlying mental health issues like OCD, depression, anxiety, etc. It is pivotal to receive treatment for the mental health issue alongside addiction for comprehensive recovery and lasting success with sobriety. Very few rehabs dive into the underlying causes of addiction. You want to look for a treatment center specializing in treating both drug abuse and co-occurring mental disorder to garner the best outcome in recovery.

  • Continuum Of Care

Look for addiction recovery facilities that offer multiple treatment options to help you have a step-by-step recovery process. Join a rehab that offers IOP, outpatient, and ongoing care programs to help you transition from one program to another as you progress in your recovery journey.

  • Customized Treatments

You want to join a treatment facility that creates tailored treatment programs for each patient in recovery. The last thing you want is embrace a cookie-cutter approach and spent endless hours in group therapy programs. Your addiction circumstance will always differ from someone else’s experiences. A rehab center must spend the time to understand your unique addiction situation and create a treatment plan that best caters to your recovery needs and wellness goals. A tailored treatment plan can help you achieve a safe and speedy recovery and help you stay clean over the years.

  • 1-on-1 Therapies

While group therapies are highly beneficial, they may not be enough to help you overcome your behavioral and mental disorders and learn essential coping mechanisms to lead a sober lifestyle. You need to spend 1-on-1 time with an experienced therapist to discuss your deepest insecurities, fears, and triggers and receive advice and guidance in recovery. Make sure to join a rehab that offers several hours of 1-on-1 therapy each week.

Your search for top alcohol and drug programs in NJ ends here. Call 609-237-0088 to verify your insurance with CTRLCare behavioral health. We are a top-rated rehab in New Jersey with the best adult, youth, and family programs. We can help you heal from your mental and behavioral illness and achieve a safe and speedy recovery. Get help for addiction today to make a difference in your life.

Rehab New Jersey
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Rehab New Jersey
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