Rehab Centers in Orange County

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Rehab Centers in Orange County

Escaping addiction is a tall order when you do not have the proper papers and enough payment. The cost of rehab is enough to scare most people from seeking treatment to resort to at-home solutions. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services estimates that 22.7 million people do not get formal treatment because they lack the funds. Fortunately, many rehabs have different payment options for you to afford rehab. These include:

  • Paying with cash
  • Private loans
  • Savings
  • Military programs
  • Insurance

Paying for rehab with insurance

Does your insurance program cover rehab?

Most healthcare insurance covers will cover some of the addiction treatment fees - Part of the Affordable Care Act from 2008 mandates insurance firms to cover mental health programs to an extent. It is safe to say that the answer to whether your insurance provider covers rehab is complex and should get personalized answers.

Why do we verify insurance details?

The verification process lets us navigate the details of the insurance and policy, so we know what to expect from the coverage. The verification will include calling the provider to verify the following information:

  • The effectiveness of the coverage plan
  • The ability of the provider to bill all the services in the policy
  • Whether our rehab is in the insurer’s coverage plan
  • The need for a preauth before affirming the insurance details

Our rehab centers in Orange County will calculate the exact amount you need to pay and communicate with the provider to know how much you will pay. It is essential to realize that most providers will not cover everything; hence, you will have to pay the deductible, co-pays, and out-of-pocket fees to begin treatment. We know the process is overwhelming and want to help you contact us or initiate the verification process online.

How do we process your insurance details

Collect the insurance information

The first thing to collect is the insurer’s details by first collecting your insurance records. These details include:

  • Date of birth and name of the patient
  • The company’s name
  • Name of the insurance plan holder
  • The group ID number and the policy number
  • The company’s phone address and phone number

Contact the company

The bulk of the reason we collect these details is to communicate with the company about your coverage plan. We will initiate contact within the indicated period and follow up until we have a clear understanding of the possible coverage agreement.

Many recovery centers have several options for you to complete the total cost of treatment. Contact us to know whether we have increment plans for each month, and lets us choose a package that will pay off and give you the appropriate treatment options. Patients with a lengthy recovery period may need verification each month to ensure their insurance still covers their needs due to changing needs like adoption, birth, and marriage. Patients who Crescent Moon Recovery works with a range of insurance providers to offer different financing options that make your recovery as comprehensive as possible. Start the process of verifying your insurance today to expedite your admission.

Rehab Centers in Orange County
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Rehab Centers in Orange County
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