Newport Beach rehab

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Newport Beach rehab

As someone who's never completed a rehabilitation treatment before, the entire experience may sound scary and intimidating. Compassion Recovery strives to combat your fears and welcomes you in a comfortable, welcoming, and supportive environment to begin your first rehab experience. The benefits of getting professional treatment at our Newport Beach rehab are immense and include:

Overcoming the withdrawal easier

The withdrawal can often come with life-threatening side-effects, which is what makes self-detox so dangerous overall. Our rehabilitation centers in Newport Beach, CA, provide you with professional assistance to overcome the withdrawal with minimal downfall. This will allow you to gain confidence in the rehabilitation process and rely on our professionals to guide you along the way.

This approach will protect you from the unforeseen consequences of self-treatments and allow you to regain and maintain your sobriety easier over time.

Preventing relapse over the years

The majority of those completing the inpatient treatment will relapse within the first year following the rehab. This is due to the lack of follow-up support after completing the program. Our outpatient-based rehabilitation treatments aim to provide you with reliable long-term solutions to your addiction condition and co-occurring mental health issues.

The goal is to help you remain sober for years to come and adopt a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle in the long run.

Addressing debilitating co-occurring disorders

Our DOH accredited treatment centers are qualified to handle all forms of addiction conditions and mental health problems. Studies show that more than half of addiction victims show symptoms of mental disorders like severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, emotional trauma, depression, etc. When untreated, these conditions will aggravate over time, causing extensive physical, emotional, and mental issues along the way.

We treat these conditions via a blend of pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, counseling, and long-term prevention plans. Joining our outpatient program will help you remain stable and healthy over the years and cope with these problems more effectively.

Learning how to handle sobriety

Many people have been trapped in the circle of addiction for so long that they no longer know how to live as sober individuals. Those completing coming out of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers don’t fare too well either. Our job is to train them into sober living via our outpatient programs, helping patients adapt to a sober lifestyle moving forward.

Our team will teach you how to:

  • Control your cravings and harmful behaviors over the years
  • Adopt a more active lifestyle
  • Work for a more fulfilling and successful career
  • Engage in new, healthier hobbies, etc.

Our Newport Beach alcohol rehabs function as bridges between the inpatient treatment and an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. If you require immediate clinical and psychiatric assistance to cope with your conditions, see our addiction treatment facilities in Newport Beach, CA. Our centers are the perfect choice for you, whether you are at your first rehab experience or not.

Compassion Recovery is available for contact at 877-414-3007. You can call our team today to check your insurance and find out additional information about our Newport Beach rehab.

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