Mental Health Treatment Orange County

Mental Health Treatment Orange County

Certain mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, impact how we behave, feel, and think. Looking deeper into this realm, over 200 types of mental conditions call for treatment. The symptoms of such disorders will usually get better with treatments like psychotherapy, medications, brain stimulation therapy, and other alternative therapies. If you or a loved one needs mental health treatment in Orange County, we are here with answers at LIDO Wellness Center.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

Mental health, sometimes referred to as behavioral health, includes a person's social, emotional, and psychological well-being. This forms how we feel, behave, think and interact with others around us. The mental state a person has also helps deal with stress, so it is an essential part of life from the time you are born.

What Are Mental Health Disorders?

Mental illness, or mental disorders, impacts how you think and behave. This can change the mood, making it difficult to function at home with family, at school, at work, or with others in your community. This is why mental health treatment in Orange County becomes vital for those who need it.

It is best to remember that poor mental health does not always mean behavioral issues. You can also have behavioral health issues and go through long periods without anxiety and depression treatment.

What Causes Mental Health Disorders?

There are several causes of mental health disorders that may lead someone to seek help from a mental health treatment center. This could result from abnormal genes inherited from a parent, or your genes can go through changes during your life. A chemical imbalance in the brain may also bring on mental illness.

Risk for mental health and the need for depression or anxiety disorder treatment may increase if you:

  • Fail to get proper nutrition
  • Use drugs or alcohol
  • Do not have the right support system
  • Went through a traumatic birth or came from high-risk pregnancy
  • Have a sleep disorder
  • Deal with extreme stress in your life
  • Sustained a traumatic brain injury
  • Struggle with things like beliefs or spirituality
  • Experienced a history of abuse or traumatic life events

How Do Mental Health Disorders Get Diagnosed?

You must get a diagnosis from a professional to undergo proper depression or anxiety treatment as needed. You may have them review symptoms to evaluate mental health based on:

  • Triggers that seem to make your mental health get worse
  • Have mental health issues that are ongoing (chronic), or they come and go
  • If you first notice changes in mental health

In some cases, a person with mental health issues who has been using drugs or alcohol will need to go through detox treatment programs to get the help they need.

Do you want to know more about what mental health treatment in Orange County entails and whether or not it is right for you? Talk with a team member here at LIDO Wellness Center by calling (949) 541-8466. We will be happy to discuss our mental health treatment options and our facility.

Mental Health Treatment Orange County

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