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Clear Life Recovery is an affordable California drug rehab that offers the best treatment and care for alcohol addiction. We offer therapies like CBT, DBT, EMDR, and biofeedback to rewire your body and mind to overcome addiction.

Alcohol rehab aftercare

While attending rehab is the first step in recovery, the time you may spend in rehab only marks the beginning of a life-long commitment. Sobriety is a long-term process that is more challenging to pursue, especially with the triggers of the external environment. For this very reason and to help recovering addicts from relapse, most rehab centers offer aftercare programs in the form of therapies, counseling, and support groups. 

At our California drug rehab, we offer a variety of facility-based programs like follow-up therapy, sober-living arrangements, and medical evaluations. Our aftercare programs keep a check on our recovering addicts after rehab treatment. We also arrange and supervise alumni support groups to monitor our old patient's progress consistently.

What are the stages of alcoholism?

Alcohol abuse encompasses multiple stages. They are:

  • Social drinking - It all starts with something as simple as social drinking. Although this stage involves a non-threatening level of drinking, this marks the beginning of alcohol abuse in most cases.
  • Binge drinking - This marks the second stage, and every 1 in 6 Americans indulge in binge drinking. Individuals that start with binge drinking eventually end up developing a massive drinking problem over time.
  • Heavy drinking and alcohol dependency - This is the third stage where an individual starts to develop an unhealthy amount of liking to alcohol. The frequency of drinking and the dosage of alcohol increases in parties and social events.

Heavy drinking over time develops into addiction or alcoholism. Heavy drinking issues require timely treatment and care. If not, they can lead to life-threatening illnesses and can even result in death.

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is also known as alcohol dementia and is a condition that occurs in the final stage of alcoholism. Individuals suffering from this syndrome lack vitamin B-1 that causes dementia-like traits. This condition causes addicts to experience symptoms like leg tremors, staggering, and poor balance.

Individuals suffering from alcohol dementia also suffer from confusion, keeping focus, learning new concepts. Some of the physical symptoms of this condition include drooping lids and double vision.

How does alcohol affect pregnant women?

Excessive drinking in a pregnant woman can cause severe health issues to her developing fetus. The alcohol you consume during pregnancy will pass on to your baby through the bloodstream, and a developing fetus's liver can fail while trying to process the alcohol. Children born to alcoholic mothers suffer from congenital disabilities, developmental disabilities, and other growth-related abnormalities. The risks of miscarriage and stillbirths are high in mothers with alcohol issues.

Visit our California drug rehab to get a feel of what we do and how we help our patients to overcome addiction. Talk to one of us at Clear Life Recovery for more details on our treatment programs, admissions procedure, and treatment prices.

California Drug Rehab
California Drug Rehab
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