best drug and alcohol treatment centers Concord

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What happens when you find yourself addicted to drugs or alcohol? You visit a professional addiction center and begin rehab. And what are the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Concord? At Oaks of Hope, we have excellent treatment techniques, effective psychotherapy, and compassionate staff waiting for you.

What is the best way to become sober?

Sobriety might be the default condition for normal people, but it is a dream that addicts fight bitterly to achieve.  Through countless difficulties and emotional situations, addicts strive to become sober, yet it often eludes them. The reason for this is simple – home treatments are inefficient. You’ll find it next to impossible to overcome the dependence and addiction through willpower alone.

This is why our center for addiction exists, to help people find their way out of the labyrinth of addiction. We provide premium living conditions for our residential patients and the care of our professional doctors and nurses. Come to us, and you’ll recover your wellbeing in a warm and hospitable environment. It’s a decision that your whole life depends on, and we hope that indefinite sobriety is your end-goal because that’s what we provide here.

Accredited addiction treatment

There’s a reason why we have the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Concord. We have received the full confirmation of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Moreover, our treatment plans and holistic remedies all have scientific grounding, and countless validated tests supporting them.

Among other leading addiction centers, ours brings a new perspective on the meaning of rehab. In our understanding, a proper therapeutic lifestyle is indispensable to the full recovery of addicted patients. Aside from detox and medication-based treatments, psychotherapy, holistic remedies, and counseling are equally important. We believe that addiction has psychological roots much stronger than the physical ones.

Individualized patient care

The need for personalized treatment plans becomes apparent when we deal with dually-diagnosed patients. Because it’s hard to assess whether the addiction or the psychological issues interrelate with one another, we need to treat each patient uniquely. Depending on the personal lifestyle of each patient, and the events that led to addiction and mental issues, we prescribe a precise treatment plan.

In this sense, ours is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that follows a more flexible guideline – that each patient has individual needs. We strive to satisfy those needs accordingly and guide our patients to sobriety efficiently. This principle reflects most of our holistic and educational activities.

What’s the first step in rehab?

Almost all rehab sessions begin with a process of detoxification. For instance, we focus on pain medication detox though we offer full-fledged detox for other substances as well. Through detox, your body becomes clean of any toxins that generally cause your withdrawal symptoms.

At the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Concord, you’ll receive the utmost attention from our healthcare professionals. What makes Oaks of Hope a top addiction center is our continued care to our patients throughout the process of rehab. We want to ensure your stay here is a pleasant and comfortable one.

best drug and alcohol treatment centers Concord

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