alcohol treatment san Diego

alcohol treatment san Diego

Alcohol addiction is a mental, physical, social, and financial liability that individuals throughout the world commonly struggle with. A survey in 2007 reported that around 30% of adults in the USA have an alcohol addiction disorder, that seriously affects their lives. Alcohol addiction not only affects a person's professional, social, and private life but also hinders the lives of their loved ones. It is understandable how in the society we are living in, uncheck alcohol exposure, and peer pressure can make it very easy for an individual to fall prey to such addictions. This might be a reason for the increasing popularity of this addiction but fighting this addiction with the right tools is essential. Alcohol addiction can be successfully treated using several different techniques, but one should go for a treatment plan that has proved to be successful in the long term, is easy to follow, and has a low relapse rate.

One such successful treatment plan that you should opt to treat alcohol addiction for yourself or your loved one, is by the use of evidence-based treatment procedures.

What is an evidence-based treatment plan for alcohol addiction?

An evidence-based treatment plan for alcohol addiction is a plan that is scientifically researched and proved to be a successful treatment plan for treating alcohol addiction. It should not be based on pseudoscience and should carry treatment procedures that are per scientific research. The treatment plan should also be researched to have been consistent in providing positive and long-lasting results in most cases.

Examples of some evidence-based treatment procedures for alcohol addiction:

1) Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy:

This process is designed in a way that it consists of group and individual sessions, that work in a system to take the patient through a series of steps to enable long-term recovery from their addiction. Through the process, the patient is first informed and made aware of their addictions, and a sense of acceptance is created, then the addict is taught how to bravely resist alcohol, and live a sober life.

2) Interactive Journaling:

This is a self-controlled form of treatment, where the patient is asked to talk to themselves, and write in a journal about their addiction, their feelings, and how their lives have been impacted due to their addiction. This process makes the patients come to terms with their addiction and how it has negatively affected their lives and their loved ones' lives. This results in a sense of motivation being formed within the addict to fight their addiction.

These are just two examples of evidence-based treatment plans. A different individual might find a different approach more suitable for them. For alcohol addicts in San Diego looking for a reliable and professional alcohol treatment San Diego facility that can help them effectively combat their addiction by the use of evidence-based treatment plans, Psychiatry Health is one leading addiction rehab facility that you should go to.

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alcohol treatment san Diego
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