Wilderness Rehab

Article provided by: Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

Wilderness Rehab

If you already show symptoms of withdrawal, it’s time to come to our Wilderness rehab center today! At Harmony Ridge Recovery, we know that every minute you spend struggling with your addiction alone is another step towards potential death.

Self-detoxification is ineffective and dangerous!

We advise people to avoid any self-detox procedure primarily due to the risks involved. Aside from being largely ineffective, self-detox is extremely risky due to volatile drug interactions, combined with little-to-no control during the process. Not having an expert supervising the procedure can spell disaster. People resort to self-detox because they fear other people’s judgment if they come forth about their issue; they prefer keeping it a secret, self-medicate, and hope for the best.

Many patients will experience complications along the way, as well as risking new forms of addiction and co-occurring diseases. We recommend joining a professional rehab treatment to avoid these risks and benefit from our clinicians’ expertise. We perform controlled and targeted detox in a safe environment and under 24/7 monitoring and control. This will eliminate the risk of complications while increasing the benefits dramatically.

What is medication-assisted treatment (MAT)?

MAT is a form of treatment which relies on a mix of medication, counseling, and therapeutic support for people in severe stages of addiction. When suffering from advanced forms of addiction, your risk of overdosing is higher than the regular consumer’s. At this point, your efforts of overcoming the withdrawal and remaining sober will be futile. Our medication-assisted treatment will help you with that.

Stretching between one and six months on average, MAT relies on decremental doses of medication both during and post-rehab. The experts at our Wilderness rehab will perform an advanced psychiatric evaluation to determine the type of drugs and the dosages required. It will help you adopt total abstinence after completing the rehabilitation treatment, which will significantly improve the quality of your life.

How do I live sober?

You should start by acknowledging your problem and seeking immediate professional assistance. Overcoming the denial is the most difficult, as well as the most critical step to take when looking to begin a new life. Whether it’s shame, fear of treatment, or poor judgment that drives them, many people refuse to enter the rehab and begin the journey that will save their lives. We want to change that.

At our center, you will receive optimal care, the best treatment you can get, and constant emotional and spiritual support. We help people like you start new lives as sober, independent, healthy individuals, who know what they want in life and how to achieve it. With our help, you will:

  • Become more positive and optimistic
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Grow your confidence and determination
  • Acquire vital life and career skills
  • Learn essential coping mechanisms
  • Discover your life’s meaning
  • Set realistic life goals
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle and a more active social life, etc.

At Harmony Ridge Recovery, we have created the best Wilderness rehab treatment in the field. Our program saves lives every day, and it will save yours. You only need the strength to say ‘no’ to addiction and come to our center today!

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