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Article provided by: Coastline Behavioral Health

Rejoining the mainstream society is a mix of feeling accomplished and intimidated. All you know is that you want to lead a better life. You may, however not be aware of how you wish to execute the process.

The most significant trivia may be planning how you will leave your friends, who may have been the trigger that led you into a full-blown addiction. As a spouse, you are bound to dismantle the old system of operation and upset your counterpart. You may feel tight around sensitive topics and have slight urges to remain in the facility until you can get all the ducks in a row.

Coastal Behavioral Health has a sober living facility with a sunny and dreamy disposition. You will not get bored, or have the eerie feeling of a standard in-house facility. The stint of a luxury transitional house will work best when you know what to bring and how to act with the living inmates.

What to bring to sober living in Orange County

Allowable edibles

Fans of the good sweet stuff will have a wonderful time enjoying the beach and binging on a mouthwatering snack. Check with the facility to know which ones will not create problems for your health. Innocent items include dark chocolate because it has reduced amounts of sugar. A snack is an excellent option because it will replace the nicotine, drug, or alcohol habit without creating an addiction to yet another toxicity.


Sober living in Orange County is the most convenient time for bringing your favorite scented shower gel. Apart from wanting to get rid of the dreary hospital smelling soaps, feeling good and smelling good will start of your days on a high note.

Include makeup items that will not jeopardize your routine and health progress. You will be less prone to relapses of negative thinking when you have the dreamy conditioning of vanilla, strawberry, or other scents that excite your pheromones.


The best part about our transitional house is its proximity to the beach. The setup means that you do not have to carry loads of clothes.

It is, however, prudent to include all the essential items and add clothes that may deem necessary in certain situations. Do not run the risk of feeling underdressed simply because you have access to the beach. You still need to attend group meetings and possibly meet up with medical officials who monitor your progress.


Sober living in Orange County will be far from boring. We have music, the beach, and people who will create excitable and memorable moments with you. Nonetheless, specific entertainment tools will always give you nostalgia that pulls you back into your authentic self.

Be careful not to clutter your playlist with old songs and videos that do not align with your new preferences. A transitional living house is a perfect place to bring that book that will improve your cognitive power and prepare you for a happy life. More importantly, bring photographs and decorations that will make the room homely and tolerable.

Sober Living Orange County
Coastline Behavioral Health
18377 Beach Boulevard #210, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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