Sober Living Malibu

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Sober Living Malibu

Fairview Supportive Living is a sober living arrangement with a mission to offer recovering addicts, the time to adapt to the real world. We offer the best sober living in Malibu at affordable prices.

Sober facilities for extended stays

A sober living home works as a bridge for recovering addicts to transition from an inpatient rehab program to the external environment. It can be challenging to adapt to the real world after leaving an inpatient facility, and this can trigger a relapse. By choosing a sober living home for a period of 6 months to a year, you have better chances of maintaining sobriety in the long term.

Also, sober living homes offer you the time to practice and reinforce the lessons you learned in rehab to overcome cravings and triggers. You may also use this time to find employment, a new place to live, and to build a new social circle. In a sober living home, you are not only safe from stressful situations, but you also enjoy access to 24/7 medical support, medication supervision, and other amenities. Our sober living in Malibu offers recovering addicts with a rich and serene environment that encourages them to develop a healthy routine.

The cost of a sober living house

The cost of living at a sober living home generally costs the same as living in a modest apartment. The rent can range anywhere from $450 to $750 per month on average. This price may vary based on the location of the sober living home, the amenities in the home, the length of stay, etc.

The cost of living in a four-bedroom sober living home can cost $900 - $1000/room per month. However, you may choose to share your room with another person and split the cost in half. At our sober living homes, we offer 24/7 on-site clinical staff to monitor your medications, offer medical support in case of emergencies, and random alcohol and drug screening House meetings.

When to move into a sober living home

More than 60% of recovering addicts relapse in the first year following addiction treatment. You can decide to live at a sober living home, right after you get out of an inpatient rehab facility to avoid relapse and have a better chance at a successful recovery. 

Also, if you have relapsed before and if you are attending inpatient rehab for the second or third time, you must remain in a sober living home for at least a year. This will help you to stay clear of stressful situations, people, disturbing memories, etc. Furthermore, it is a great place to meet new people, build lasting friendships, and offer support to each other in recovery.

Embrace recovery and sobriety in our calming, relaxing, and therapeutic sober living in Malibu. Get in touch with one of us at Fairview Supportive Living today for more details on our sober living homes.

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