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Dual diagnosis cases occur when an individual has an alcohol or drug addiction and a mental health condition simultaneously. Of course, there are a lot of conditions that fall under the mental health category. To be clear, having a mental health condition doesn't mean that you are stupid or that there is something is wrong with you. For example, Bill Gates is bipolar. Few would argue that Bill Gates is somehow inferior because of his mental health condition. In fact, in today's world, it's hard not to have a mental health condition of some kind!

Further, many people today with mental health addictions go untreated because they don't know that they even have such a condition. It is crucial that people like this get assessed, diagnosed, and treated if they are going to have a chance to beat their addictions and live the best life possible for them. Scottsdale Recovery Center offers professional dual diagnosis treatment in Arizona.

A dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder might like this:

  • Anxiety and addiction
  • Depression and addiction
  • Bipolar disorder and addiction
  • Personality disorder and addiction

You might be surprised to learn that more than 50% of all people who struggle with addiction happen to have a dual diagnosis. It's not nearly as uncommon as many people think.

How Do We Know if You Have Bipolar Disorder?

A lot of our patients are individuals who have already been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Others aren't. It is important to identify if an individual has a dual diagnosis condition early on in recovery. For people who do have an underlying mental health condition, drug addiction treatment will not be enough for them.

Drug addiction is a disease. More specifically, it is a disease that is centered in the brain. Scientists and researchers have discovered that prolonged abstinence from drugs can give the brain time to rewire itself, essentially fixing any drug-induced brain changes that have occurred while the person was in active addiction. Therefore, it is crucial that people who have a dual diagnosis give their brains enough time to heal.

We Provide a Foundation to Build Upon

Scottsdale Recover Center focuses on therapy and medication to treat dual diagnosis conditions. Although the statistics show that most people with dual diagnosis conditions in recovery will relapse, each person has a chance to be the exception. The hope is that, by using the tools and resources that we provide you with at Scottsdale Recovery Center, you will continue to build on your sobriety and recovery after you leave our rehab treatment center and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

How Do We Treat a Dual Diagnosis?

How cooccurring disorders develop isn't always clear, but how we treat them is. For example, an individual may have had a mental health disorder prior to becoming addicted to a substance. Likewise, the mental health condition might be a result of substance abuse. Either way, the approach is the same - to treat the addiction and the mental health disorder via different therapy modals. Contact Scottsdale Recovery Center today for the best dual diagnosis treatment in Arizona.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Arizona
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