Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City

Article provided by: The Giving Tree Treatment Center

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City

Welcome to The Giving Tree! If you already show signs of withdrawal, you need to contact us right away. Substance addiction is a progressive disease, which means it will only worsen with time. Our rehab treatment has the potential to save your life.

Visit our drug and alcohol treatment center in Studio City and meet our team! Together, we've built one of the most inclusive and extensive rehab programs in the business. Our procedures are ideal for everyone in need of assistance, including couples and pregnant women.

Compared to other rehab facilities, we have adopted a different approach to the rehabilitation process. Our system relies on a multitude of procedures that promote holistic healing (body, mind, and spirit) and we believe every little detail counts. We’re not looking just to help you get past the withdrawal phase, but to change your life completely. What we offer includes:

Advanced detoxification – The detox program must be on-point and effective. We tailor the medication plan according to each of our patients’ needs. The clinicians will supervise your progress permanently, to ensure everything goes as planned.

Nutritional improvements – We have an experienced chef preparing you three meals per day. Everything lives up to the highest nutritional standards since we’ve created the meal plan to deliver the best nutritional value. Your organism is in full recovery after going through, in some cases, severe malnutrition, which is why this aspect deserves extra attention. At the same time, we’ll offer you valuable nutritional counseling for long-term, after you return home.

Individual and group therapy – During your stay at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Studio City, you will participate in regular counseling meetings and therapy groups. The goal is to address your social and emotional problems that may pose a risk to your ability to remain sober. This is where you get to share your story with others, bond and empathize with other patients, and work with us at solving your problems.

Holistic healing – Substance addiction will infect your spirit, as well as your ability to enjoy life anymore. It also drags you away from your true self, leaving behind an empty shadow of who you once were. This is one of the most dangerous effects of prolonged substance addiction, which is why we consider it a matter of paramount importance. Join our journey of self-discovery through meditation and Reiki healing, and the world will gain new meanings for you!

Life skills and education – A vital aspect of the rehab process is life beyond addiction. You need to know how to take care of yourself once leaving our institution. For that, we’ll offer educational courses and relapse prevention tips that will keep you clean, healthy, and productive. With our help, you’ll be able to fix your family issues, become financially proficient again, and embrace life as a free and happy individual.

Come to The Giving Tree and visit our drug and alcohol treatment center in Studio City! It’s never too late to rediscover a new way in life.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City
The Giving Tree Treatment Center
4198 Sunswept Dr
Studio City CA 91604 US

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