Draper Drug Rehab Center

Draper Drug Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol addiction needs a lot of different treatments to allow you the opportunity for holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul. We draw our healing from a large toolbox with many different approaches to understand the patient’s biopsychosocial state and find solutions to resolve their barriers and setbacks. The following is an overview of our three primary drug rehab treatments that target the mental and spiritual.

Major drug rehab approaches

Experiential therapy

This addiction treatment allows one to gain control of their situation by exposing them to therapies that encourage relaxation and better feelings. Some forms of this therapy include talking, hiking, role-playing, yoga, and fitness programs, among many more that stretch the mind and emotions. The bottom line of these activities is to bring awareness to your mind and body, so you are more aware of your parts that need healing. The key benefits of experiential therapy include the following:

  • It helps you to resolve past trauma.
  • Improves your self-awareness so you can connect more to what you want
  • The increased adrenaline will teach you to be proactive with both your physical body and mental state so that you can make better choices for evil previously troubling thoughts.

We will get you through this therapy approach for many different reasons, especially if you struggle to open up or have a hard time finding your way from a rough spot.

Psychodrama therapy

The strategy is for people who suffer from substance abuse and could use a little sympathy to look at things in a different light. This aims to help one reconnect with previous healthy habits and develop new ways of dealing with triggers that cause addiction. This method has the potential to unwire many traumatic reactions from long ago, including childhood. The following is what to expect from psychodrama therapy:

  • The therapist will nudge you to act out past traumas so that you can bring the internalized trauma to the forefront.
  • We will guide you as you transform and empower yourself to enhance your idea of self-sufficiency.
  • The goal of recreating trauma such as self-isolation is to help your mind find a way out of it. One is by stimulating you to find more reasons to get out of your comfort zone, to recreate a healthier notion of social interactions.

Accelerated resolution therapy

This advanced therapy addresses many mental health issues, like performance anxiety, low self-esteem, and family issues. The method works by unwiring your distressing emotions and memories to be tied to the same old emotional and mental wounds.

Are these approaches practical? We are confident with all our therapies because they have proven to help access the deepest traumas and accelerate healing. Feel free to read more on how our Draper drug rehab center uses these techniques to adjust your mind and habits. Contact us online or call 385-255-9117 for more information when you speak to a drug rehab specialist.

Draper Drug Rehab Center
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Draper Drug Rehab Center
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