Does Insurance Cover Rehab

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In a world where substance abuse and addiction affect millions, health insurance comes as the safety policy, securing your future against the unknown. And this is where many people would object, considering that drug and alcohol addiction shouldn’t be covered by health insurance. At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we know that shouldn’t be the case.

So, before asking “Does insurance cover rehab?” we should first be asking “Should substance addiction rehab be covered by health insurance?” And the answer is yes because drug addiction and alcoholism are not choices. The only time the patient has the power to choose is when he decides to consume drugs in the first place, and even then, the situation can be out of control, to begin with.

Many drug addicts have started by taking prescription drugs, either painkillers or sedatives, meant to treat chronic pain, epilepsy seizures or other types of mental disorders. From that point on, addiction is just a dose away. After addiction has set in, there is little the patient can do from then on. Opioids change the chemistry of the brain, forcing the release of massive amounts of dopamine. The cravings will begin to show, always flanked by the withdrawal symptoms, signaling that addiction has taken over the brain.

By all definitions, substance addiction is a mental disorder, making health insurance a necessity. So, now that we’ve clarified the question – does insurance cover rehab? – let’s get into the specifics.

Is it health insurance for rehab advantageous?

There is no doubt about it that addiction causes massive financial damages to those involved and, sometimes, to their families and those around them as well. Drug addiction and alcoholism are responsible for an economic hole of up to $400 billion a year in the US, which is to be expected in a country that consumes 80% of the world’s drug production.

In this context, the rehabilitation programs don’t come cheap, especially when considering that they involve long-term medication, qualified personnel, constant care and support, and top housing conditions, among other things. This means that not everybody would be able to cover the costs of the rehab treatment out of their own pockets.

But, over the years, health insurance has become affordable for the majority of the population. In 2014, the estimates showed that approximately 90% of the Americans were covered for aspects like:

  • Inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs
  • Dual-Diagnosis treatments
  • Medical detoxification, including the entire spectrum of medications used in the process
  • Therapeutic interventions and counseling
  • The medication used in the follow-up maintenance of addiction

With all these facts in mind, there is no doubt you need rehab insurance, regardless whether you believe you need it or not. Like previously mentioned, it may not depend on you in some cases. Now that we’re done with the – Does insurance cover rehab? – it’s time to move on and ask the next big question – What type of insurance should I get?

And, whatever you decide to go for, here, at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, our specialists are ready to assist you. Substance addiction is deceiving and extremely dangerous. Don’t allow it to take over and destroy your life and the lives of those around you!

Does Insurance Cover Rehab
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