Chemical Dependency Arizona

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Substance addiction cannot be cured. It may sound like a weird statement, when considering all the rehabilitation institutions like Scottsdale Recovery, seemingly promoting the opposite, but it’s not. Because that’s not what drug addiction recovery programs claim to be doing. They don’t claim they can cure addiction, but that they can help the individual escape the damaging effects of substance abuse, repel the symptoms and learn how to avoid falling into the same trap in the future.

Chemical dependency in Arizona is treated using a variety of methods, but, whatever the type of treatment being used, the danger of relapse, even upon successful completion, will always remain a dark specter, haunting the patient for the rest of his life. Despite that, however, the rehabilitation process does remain the addicts’ best chance of regaining their lives back.

Without it, substance abuse will eventually lead them to the grave earlier than they intend on going. Alcoholism kills around 88.000 Americans a year, while illicit drug use leads to 65.000 deaths due to overdosing, within the same timeframe. And these are the data only concerning the deaths of those directly involved in the consumption of the respective substances. They do not take into account the collateral deaths coming from drug or alcohol-related use of violence, traffic crashes, and other variables.

The effects of prolonged addiction and the solutions

On long-term, substance abuse will have extremely severe consequences on the user’s physical and mental states. For these reasons, programs dealing with chemical dependency in Arizona must approach rehabilitation from several perspectives, including detoxification, mental and behavioral support, individual and group counseling and so on.

But what’s more important than anything else is managing the symptoms of drug addiction, both immediate and subsequent. These may include:

- Anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, impaired thinking

- Depression and predisposition towards self-harm and suicide

- Elevated blood pressure Increased risk of stroke and heart disease

- Liver damages and other health problems caused by a lower immune system

- Risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis, due to lacking hygiene and using dirty needles when injecting the substance

- Violent or paranoiac behavior, leading to social or legal problems

- Brain damages, including the risk of dementia

- The wide range of symptoms associated with the withdrawal mechanism

- Risk of sudden death

With so many complex problems to deal with, the solutions need to be as decisive. As a result, the rehabilitation program will focus on; controlling and repelling the side-effects of the withdrawal, provide emotional and psychological support, help the addict develop a coping mechanism, to avoid relapse in the future, provide education on the subject, allow family and friends to join the program, for additional spiritual and mental support.

These aspects are what make chemical dependency in Arizona an obsolete problem, one that can be and is easily controlled, so long as the patient shows 110% determination. Our part, here at Scottsdale Recovery, is to provide the addicts with the best environment and the most effective treatments they can use to take on their addiction and come out on top.

Chemical Dependency Arizona
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