Alcohol Treatment Long Island Ny

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Alcohol Treatment Long Island Ny

We, at Legacy Healing Center, follow an individualized, client-centered approach for alcohol treatment in Long Island, NY. Here are the top 5 signs that you or your loved one needs alcohol treatment:

  1. You want to quit drinking but are unable to do so

If you find yourself or your loved one persistently trying to quit alcohol consumption or reduce the dosage, but fail due to cravings and withdrawal, you need inpatient rehabilitation. Also, trying to overcome alcohol addiction on your own is not only impossible but can also be dangerous. Quitting alcohol cold turkey can trigger withdrawal symptoms like self-destructive behavior, dizziness, tremors, high blood pressure, etc. You must undergo comprehensive addiction treatment in one of our licensed New York alcohol rehab centers to achieve a safe recovery with long-lasting effects.

  1. You develop a tolerance to alcohol

The bodies of individuals struggling with addiction start to develop a tolerance to the substance over time, causing them to consume higher amounts of alcohol more often. If you keep drinking and craving for alcohol regularly, you may need help from one of the top rehab centers in New York City. The more you avoid professional treatment, the faster your condition will advance and destroy your life in the process.

  1. You find yourself in dangerous situations

If you or your loved one end up in dangerous situations or engage in risky behavior when intoxicated, you must seek professional alcohol and drug use services. Driving under the influence, getting into fights, or engaging in unprotected sex are all causes for concern, as these kinds of situations can have irreversible consequences in the long run. To prevent that, you need an integrated treatment plan encompassing medical detox, behavioral therapies, counseling, etc., to help you regain control over your mind and body.

  1. You experience consistent memory lapses or blackouts

Experiencing frequent gaps in memory, especially after consuming large amounts of alcohol, can relate to a drinking problem. If you struggle with withdrawal symptoms regularly, it's crucial to consider joining an outpatient addiction rehab. You can get into legal troubles, encounter financial issues, and other personal problems if you have no recollection of what happened while intoxicated.

  1. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you refrain from drinking

Your body can struggle to function normally whenever you attempt to quit cold turkey, triggering a variety of withdrawal symptoms, depending on the stage of your addiction. The withdrawal can vary in intensity and even put your life at risk in extreme scenarios. You must undergo medical detox under the supervision of an experienced clinical team to reduce the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms and attain comprehensive recovery from addiction.

Take action today to help yourself or your loved ones from the chain of addiction. Call Legacy Healing Center 1-888-534-2295 to speak to our counselor or to verify your insurance. We offer unsurpassable alcohol treatment in Long Island, NY, with a compassionate and experienced team of mental health experts, behavioral therapists, physicians, and RNs.

Alcohol Treatment Long Island Ny

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